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Women in Surgery Campaign Launch

Mission: Restore’s Fall Campaign highlights the importance of “Women in Surgery“.  The campaign will feature remarkable female surgeons from across Africa and highlight the important roll these women play as leaders in their hospitals and communities.  Mission: Restore recognizes that closing the gender gap in surgery is not only about equality for women, but is the most impactful and effective way to meet the global surgical need.

Five billion people lack access to essential surgical care.  An additional 2.2 million surgical specialist are needed to address this global challenge. By recruiting training and supporting female surgeons across Africa, we can help address the global scarcity of surgeons while improving access to healthcare worldwide, saving millions of lives.

In collaboration with partners like Smile Train and COSECSA  we aim to raise awareness around gender inequality and close the global surgical gap.  Through the campaign we will raise funds to support the training and mentoring of more female surgeons in Africa. Help us support women in surgery so we can operate together to provide essential surgical care to the children and families who need it most.


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