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At Mission: Restore, we believe that surgical care is a cornerstone of a robust healthcare system. We recognize that many countries, particularly in the developing world, face a significant deficit in access to essential surgical care. To address this issue, we identify countries with the greatest need and develop long-term partnerships with hospitals serving the poorest populations. We work with our partners to strengthen surgical capacity and create a strong and sustainable healthcare system accessible to all.

Surgical Training Visits

One of the pillars of our model is hands-on training through surgical training visits. During these visits, highly skilled surgeon educators from Mission: Restore collaborate directly with local surgeons. The majority of the time is spent in the operating theater, where the exchange of knowledge and skills takes place in real surgical scenarios. This immersive experience allows local surgeons to enhance their expertise while delivering immediate care to patients.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh And Mission Restore On "The Doctors" Television Show

Surgical Educational Grants

The future of surgery lies in the hands of passionate young surgeons. Through educational grants, we invest in the next generation of reconstructive surgeons. These grants provide support for specialized education, enabling young doctors to continue their training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. By supporting community-minded and promising surgeons, we foster the growth of skilled professionals who will make a lasting impact on their communities.


Our commitment to education knows no bounds. Telemedicine plays a vital role in our model by facilitating ongoing remote consultation, mentoring, and monitoring of surgical outcomes. Surgeons in underserved regions can connect with our experienced mentors abroad, ensuring continuous learning and access to valuable guidance. We bridge geographical barriers and create a global community of surgeons dedicated to improving healthcare.

Regional Trainings

Regional trainings are multi-day workshops that bring together surgeons from across Africa. These events serve as a platform for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement. Surgeons not only learn from experienced educators but also have the opportunity to expand their professional network. By fostering collaboration, Mission: Restore strengthens the bonds of the surgical community across the continent.

Our 3-Phase Process

Our approach is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each country, region, and hospital. Our 3-phase process ensures a comprehensive plan to strengthen surgical care capacities, train promising young surgeons, and build sustainable healthcare systems in communities across the globe.

Phase 1: Needs Assessment
(3 Months)
  • Identify countries with a disproportionate ratio between population and the number of surgeons.
  • Identify local surgeons and establish partnerships with hospitals that serve the poorest populations.
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate infrastructure and select a dedicated Mission: Restore volunteer team.
Phase 2: Exploratory Visit
(6 Months)
  • Gain commitment from local surgeons and hospitals to participate in the program.
  • Formalize relationships and secure the commitment of key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health.
  • Develop strong ties with community leaders to ensure community support and engagement.
Phase 3: Training Program
(9 Months)
  • Launch the training program with visiting surgeons working with local physicians in the operating room.
  • Facilitate weekly Skype conferences between Mission: Restore and local surgeons, enabling continuous learning.
  • Organize a fellowship program in the United States for local surgeons and provide essential training materials.

Your Donation Supports Our Mission

Your contributions are the lifeblood of Mission: Restore’s commitment to bridging the surgical care gap in underserved regions. With your support, we can continue to train local surgeons, provide hands-on experience, offer educational grants to passionate young doctors, and facilitate ongoing mentorship. Your donation enables us to create sustainable healthcare systems for the world’s most underserved communities. With your support, we can make a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals.

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