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At Mission: Restore, our focus is not only on performing reconstructive surgery but also on creating a lasting, sustainable impact. Through collaborative surgical training, surgical education grants, and telemedicine, we have been able to help countless individuals in need.

The Multiplier Effect

For each surgery performed during hands-on training, one patient’s life is changed. Beyond these immediate results, local surgeons who are now empowered with the skills and knowledge needed will improve the lives of countless other patients.

However, the effects go beyond the number of patients one surgeon serves. The trained surgeon can then become the trainer and share their knowledge with other clinicians, who can then help their patients and train new surgeons. Due to this train-the-trainer model, over the course of a year, we estimate that 250 patients will benefit from one surgeon’s new skillset.

Mission Restore Dehradun "THE DUDE"

Our Impact in Numbers (2010-2020):

  • 27 countries visited with active training and education
  • 278 surgeons trained to make a difference in their communities
  • 744 complex surgeries performed during surgical training
  • 1,280 telemedicine dialogues for ongoing mentorship and support
  • 2,162 hours of hands-on surgical training completed

Since 2010, Mission: Restore has extended its impact across borders. Our programs have reached a total of 278 medical professionals from 27 countries throughout the world. This underscores our commitment to leaving no one behind and ensuring essential surgical care and education are accessible to all, even in remote, low-income, underserved communities.

Your Donations Fuel Our Impact

Every donation fuels our ability to create sustainable, accessible healthcare systems in low-income, underserved countries. Your support enables us to expand our reach, train more medical professionals, and perform life-changing surgeries. With your generosity, we can continue our mission to bridge the surgical care gap, empower local healthcare providers, and offer life-saving surgeries to countless individuals. Donate today and join our mission.

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