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We are creating a world in which local surgeons have the knowledge, skills and support they need to treat debilitating injuries in their own communities around the world.

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Women in Surgery 2018 EART

                          Every year, Mission: Restore makes an active effort to ensure that women surgeons are well-represented at our annual East Africa Regional Training (EART). We’re excited to announce that thanks to our new Women in Surgery Initiative, we had...

New Nurse Training Track!

For the very first time, Mission: Restore further enhanced the annual East Africa Regional Training (EART) by adding a nurse training track to run alongside the surgeon track. This was made possible by a partnership with LifeNet International, an amazing organization...

2018 EART — The Whole Story

Monday, July 9: This marked the beginning of Mission: Restore's 2018 East Africa Regional Training (EART) in Entebbe, Uganda. The week has been filled with engaging lectures and practical hands-on surgeries. For the first time since the inception of the EART, we...