Women in Surgery Campaign

Let’s support women in surgery and save lives!

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At Mission: Restore

We are creating a world in which local surgeons have the knowledge, skills and support they need to treat debilitating injuries in their own communities around the world.

Operating Together

Help support Mission: Restore’s sustainable surgical training programs.


Women in Surgery Campaign Launch

Mission: Restore's Fall Campaign highlights the importance of "Women in Surgery".  The campaign will feature remarkable female surgeons from across Africa and highlight the important roll these women play as leaders in their hospitals and communities.  Mission:...

TRHM Strengthening Programs with All Female Emergency Response Teams

Mission: Restore’s partner Tanzania Rural Health Movement (TRHM) has recently joined forces with MakeSafe International and with the Nomadicals in building out a new project: ONE-Team. MakeSafe International will assist Trek Medics International and TRHM with the...

Volunteering with Surgeons: One High School Student’s Experience

My name is Nina Alizadeh and I'm a high school student currently living in London.  This summer I was fortunate enough to volunteer at Mission: Restore’s East Africa Regional Training (EART) in Mombasa, Kenya. I wanted to come to Mombasa and the training to be able to...

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Our new Women in Surgery campaign is training amazing female surgeons across Africa. Visit  Generosity.com to get involved!