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Mission: Restore believes that building a brighter future for global healthcare requires collective effort. Joining our team offers you the opportunity to be a key part of our mission to bridge the surgical care gap and empower medical professionals in developing countries. Whether you are a plastic surgeon or a non-medical volunteer, we have a place for you.

Join Our Surgical
Training Trip

Mission: Restore welcomes volunteer plastic surgeons from all corners of the country. Our training trips provide a unique opportunity to contribute to medical education and surgical training in underserved regions. We carefully match the skills and experience of our volunteers with the specific needs of each location to ensure optimal impact and value.

Surgical Training Trip Duration

Our surgical training trips typically last one week. However, we are actively seeking volunteer surgeons who are willing to make a long-term commitment to our surgical training programs.

Locations for Volunteer

The locations where you can volunteer depend on our trip schedule for a given year. Please note that our destinations and travel dates may vary from year to year to address the ever-evolving surgical needs of different regions.

Other Opportunities Available


Mission: Restore values the contributions of volunteers across skill sets. Even if you only have a few free hours to commit, your help is highly valued. If you have specific ideas on how you’d like to contribute, such as administrative support or fundraising, please share your experience, area of interest, and your level of availability.


For those seeking a more structured internship experience, Mission: Restore offers opportunities to gain valuable insights and contribute to our mission. Share your experience, area of interest, and the level of commitment you can offer, and we’ll work together to create a fulfilling internship plan for you.


Our fellowship program is for recent college or graduate school students with a keen interest in medicine, global health, and international development. As a non-medical fellow, you’ll have the chance to work independently with our local partners for a minimum of three months. This is a volunteer-based position that can help you gain valuable experience in the field.

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