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Mission: Restore’s East African Regional Training 2018 Begins

Today, Mission: Restore’s 2018 East African Regional Training (EART) began in Uganda with a focus on burn and wound management. CoRSU hospital welcomed 100 participants – 74 surgeons and 26 nurses – to refine and strengthen lifesaving techniques for burn and wound management. After the welcoming ceremony, the participants got right to work with a panel, followed by a lecture by Dr. Joyce Aycock. True to Mission: Restore’s practical approach, the nurses and surgeons broke off into separate tracks to concentrate on important skills necessary for treating their patients. The nurses discussed sterile care and the surgeons discussed skin grafts and other surgical treatments for wounds. New to this year’s EART is the inclusion of nurse participants and specific tracks designed for them. The group came together again for a panel on measuring nutritional status of a patient. The full first day ended with a lecture for nurses on burn management, and reading hours for surgeons.

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