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2017 is Mission: Restore’s year of data. With the launch of our 3×3000 Campaign we will harness the power of data to measure the impact of our integrated programs.

2017 has also brought a new member to the Mission: Restore team – Research Fellow: Michelle Zavila. Michelle drives the data, and the data drives our campaign!

Michelle is a vital member of our team, and more specifically – the Field Team. She lives and works in Mwanza, Tanzania – the hub of our work at 5 hospitals throughout East Africa. Michelle’s background in Anthropology, Event Operations, and Data are invaluable to our work this year – she’s a triple threat!

“I am very excited to be part of Mission: Restore, especially now, as we are rapidly expanding our training programs and data collection efforts.” Michelle says “Having a background in both events and data, I am looking forward to our upcoming East Africa Regional Training this June. I’m also eager to dive into our surgical data collection to see how those findings can help us better support local surgeon partners with new opportunities and training experiences.”

Before joining us in Tanzania, Michelle worked at the Clinton Global Initiative, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation. There, she did Event Operations Coordination and was responsible for large events, and their related technologies. Michelle is not only brining her New York experience to the table, she also studied in Ecuador, and worked in Kampala, Uganda launching an education project for inmates at Luzira Prison – designing and teaching classes aimed at giving inmates tools to reintegrate back into society.

“I was attracted to Mission: Restore for several reasons. The first being the sustainable knowledge sharing model that is at the core of their work, and the overall mission to empower local surgeons in East Africa by bridging communication and mentorship opportunities on global health and traumatic injuries across borders.

Second was the people—upon first impression, both the organizational staff and their partners had great energies, high ambitions, and impressive results. I wanted to be part of it all!”

Michelle’s background in Anthropology, her work and studies in South America and East Africa, as well as her work at the headquarters of a large international foundation, make her a great resource for implementing and expanding Mission: Restore’s programs this year!

Check out updates from Michelle and our Field Team via our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and right here on the blog!

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