Nairobi, Kenya(July 2019)

July 3rd through the 5th marked the 4th Annual Mission: Restore Africa Regional Training (ART).
This year’s training took place in Nairobi, Kenya at the Emory Hotel where we were able to have 65 participants representing 13 different countries in attendance.
This year’s ART primarily focused on wound management, with participants receiving lectures from our highly experienced surgeon trainers such as Dr. Peter Nthumba (Kenya), Dr. Metasebia Abebe (Ethiopia), Dr. Yegeremu Eado (Ethiopia), Dr. Cornelius Masambu (Uganda), and Mission: Restore Founder; Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh (USA).
In addition to lectures, participants had the opportunity to listen to panels and engage in hands-on workshops on many non-medical topics such as “Creating Surgeon Networks, Securing Funding for Practice Growth, Negotiating with Hospital Administrators, Maintaining a Work-Life Balance, and Utilizing a Team-Based Approach to Solving Complex Wounds”.
Since 2016 Mission: Restore has trained over 270 surgeons from 19 countries and expect these numbers to keep growing.
We are striving to continue our dedication to¬†Operating Together!”