Our Model and Training Programs

Mission: Restore believes surgical care is a key component to a strong health system.  We identify countries with the greatest need and develop long term partnerships with hospitals serving the poorest populations. Our focus is on education. We invest in local surgeons through training and mentorship. We work with our partners to strengthen surgical capacity in order to create a strong and sustainable health system accessible to all.

Surgical Training Trips

Hands-on trainings with top US surgeon educators.  The majority of time is spent in the operating theater where local surgeons and Mission: Restore educators operate side by side.

Educational Grants

Investing in the next generation of reconstructive surgeons by supporting the specialized education of passionate, young surgeons.



Leveraging technology to remain engaged with partners and provide ongoing consultations, mentoring and monitoring of outcomes.


Our 3-Phase Process


Each program is designed with an understanding of the culture, healthcare delivery system, and prevailing medical needs of each country, region and hospital.

Surgeon Spotlight – Local Surgeons

The changemakers who work in their communities to provide essential surgical care to patients in need.

Dr. Tingadini Nyoni


Dr. Dorothy Bbaale


Dr. Wone Banda


Surgeon Spotlight – Surgeon Educators

The top US surgeons who volunteer their time to train local surgeons and provide mentorship via telemedicine